Anger is an extremely powerful emotion. Also, it need not always be harmful or destructive. If handled with confidence and empathy, it can be a powerful means to bring about balance in the society.

Get angry by all means – when someone does a wrong to you. Do not let injustice pass by while you just stand and watch helplessly. Assert yourself and let the passion of your beliefs come to the fore so that everyone can see and feel it.

India’s famous Nobel Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi is a living example of one who did not allow his anger at ills of our society to just pass by. He channeled it and worked tirelessly for the right to education and the abolition of child labour.

Watch his fascinating Ted Talk and get inspired.

Credits: TedTalk
Image Credits: TedTalk

More Resources:

Listen to Neeraj Murmu from Jharkhand – a young changemaker whose life was transformed with ‘Satyarthi’ – Kailash Satyarthi’s Children Foundation. support.

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