It should be easy to observe and study Blue Whales, right?
After all, they are the most colossal creatures on the planet and have more or less a fixed route of migration each season.

Nevertheless, the size has made it difficult to observe the creature in its natural habitat.

We have to thank the famous marine biologist Mark Engstrom, who has managed to restore a carcass which was washed ashore at New Foundland in 2014. He has painstakingly recreated the internal organs like the heart, oral cavity and its famous sound.

Meet the giant in its true glory Read on.

Credits: TheKidsShouldSeeThis
Image Credits: TheKidsShouldSeeThis

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About Professor Mark Engstorm:
Professor Mark Engstrom is interested in studying phylogenetic patterns of biodiversity and evolutionary mechanisms underlying those patterns.

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‘Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story’ is book authored by Mark Engstorm, Burton Lim and Oliver Haddrath about the whales that washed up in Rocky Harbour, NL and then ended up at Toronto’s ROM. The book is very interesting and short fun read.

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