Remember the good old piggy bank – gullak – of our childhood days? What thrill to hear it jingle as more and more coins were put inside!

The only problem was that when you needed the money, you had to break it open and start all over again. The days of that humble gullak are forever gone now.

We now have a virtual Bank for kids, called Bankaroo, where children can set up an account, deposit money and use their savings to pay for real items. Supervision by parents or classroom teachers allows all transactions to be monitored on a real time basis.

It is innovative, simple to use and designed to help kids develop smart saving habits.
Click here to know more about Bankaroo app.

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Listen to Dani, the creator of Bankaroo, who created the app at her age of talking about how she came up with the idea of this app, how it was created and how it functions.

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