The year gone by has been extremely stressful and full of uncertainties. Confined, often alone, at home and in a state of constant fear for self and our loved ones.

It has taken a very heavy toll- emotionally, financially and every which way one can imagine. In such stressful times, some mobile apps have been very helpful in calming down troubled minds and fighting insomnia.

These apps draw on classical techniques of meditation and are certified by experts. Designed to help users deal with stress, anxiety, sleep, loss and a whole range of other mental health and wellness needs,

MEDITATE WITH WYSA, is indeed worth a read. Read on to learn more.

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Ms. Jo Aggarwal, Co-Inventor of Wysa

Here is an Interview with Jo Aggarwal, Co-Inventor of Wysa. an artificial intelligence-driven Chatbot that help those in need of mental health support. Eric Wallach spoke with Aggarwal on behalf of Mind Matters, which seeks to raise awareness of mental health issues in the Yale community.

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