How many times have you seen some one set a goal and get started only to leave it halfway through? Or those who give up even before starting – scared by the required effort itself?

Such people are classic examples of laziness, which manifest in so many ways – leaving something incomplete, losing interest or just keep postponing something indefinitely.

The worst part is that laziness often overwhelms those who have the ability to exert themselves. However, trust the Japanese to understand the effect of laziness in a person’s growth and its debilitating effect on the society as a whole.

Watch and learn about the approach to overcome laziness – just one small step at a time (Kaizen).

Duration: 4 mins 28 secs
Credits: Brightside on Youtube

More Resources:

See this short story of King and his lazy people and think what it is trying to tell you.
Credits: Shivi TV -Stories in Hindi

Moral of this Story – Laziness has no reward. If you want something, you must work for it!

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