As we all know, memory is the ability to acquire, store, retain, and later retrieve information. Of these attributes, the ability to retain information and retrieve it are considered as the most important.

Memories shape our personality because they are so personal and unique to each one of us. They guide us and are the best teachers of life – even the sad and painful memories. To keep our minds sharp, it is essential to adopt a health routine that improves memory and brainpower.

Here are some quick exercises to improve your memory! It says almost by 90%! Must check this one out…

Duration: 8 mins 41 secs
Credits: Brightside on Youtube

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Want to master your brain??

Nishant Kasibhatla, Guinness Record Holder (2011) and the only Grand Master of Memory in Singapore will show you how you can stay ahead of the curve, and be at the top of your game by learning how to master anything – in a quick, fun and easy way.

Watch video ‘ How to Master your Brain’

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