The most common place things of our lives are always the most important.
One such thing is the pen.

Once we got the language and we could say all we wanted to, came the need to pen it down. Yes, pen it down. But where did it all start? Who thought about it? So many questions rage in our minds when we sit down to think – who invented the pen.

He sure was more intelligent than the person who invented the sword. The sword subjugates by threatening life; the pen wins the mind.

Therefore, they rightly said – the pen is mightier than the sword. Read on and find out.

Credits : (Ms. Gargi Pant)

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Do you want to improve your handwriting?
Through this video, Letstute has given 9 handwriting tips that will make your handwriting neater and legible. These tips can be applied to both print handwriting and cursive handwriting as well as will greatly help to present your exam papers in a very neat and clean way.

The main focus has been given on:
1) Your sitting posture
2) Way of holding your writing tool (pen or pencil)
3) Letter and word spacing
4) Slants used (Left / Right / Straight)
5) Connecting letters (For cursive writing)
6) Type of pen or pencil used
7) Letter tangles
8) Type of writing tools
9) Handwriting practice

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