The world over, we celebrate successes and victories and we always hide failures for the truth is, we are ashamed of them. We hide failures or feel ashamed about them because we are unaware of the opportunities hidden in them!

Failures need a different treatment; they must be discussed and dissected.
What will it lead us to?
Yes … it will lead us to an understanding of the actions and decisions that ended in failure. Having learnt from our past experiences, we would not repeat similar mistakes in future.

Let’s read this article and discover the opportunities hiding in our failures.

Credits : | By: Christian Jarrett | Photo Credits: Alamy

More Resources:

Just watch this short video ‘Growth Mindset: Mistakes help you grow by MathsPathway’ and understand how we just disregard our mistakes, but then when we ponder, we realize how the mistakes actually helped us grow,

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