Success is wonderful! Ever thought what it takes to be successful? If we made one, it would be a long list of qualities that make a person successful – such as dedication, goal setting, etc. However, all the qualities of human character would go waste if you didn’t have one – and that is perseverance.

We see successful people and imagine the glamour and glory of their lives and want to be like them. The true stories of their success can be seen in their never-say-die spirits!

Let’s watch this talk by Boman Irani to understand how he turned all the stumbling blocks of his life into stepping stones to success only through perseverance.

Duration: 01 hour 11 mins 48 secs

Credit: Josh Talks

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“This one makes me smile, goose bumpy, teary eyed and HOPEFUL, all at the same time.”

Boman Irani

Boman Irani is not only a good actor and photographer, he is also a very good singer. Watch this video to see the beautiful rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’

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